BitSpark Brings Bitcoin Remittance Services to Malaysia

Malaysia seems to be warming up to the concept of Bitcoin and Fintech as of late. Thanks to a new partnership between Bitspark and Vitaxel Group, Bitcoin remittance will be coming to the Malaysian market very soon.

Most people active in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency will have heard the name Bitspark before. The company has been making a name for itself in the remittance sector by leveraging Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Moreover, they were the world’s first cash-in cash-out remittance service.

Bitspark and Vitaxel Group Join Forces

Partnering with Vitaxel Group is a significant milestone for Bitspark. Vitaxel Group is the parent company of the first MLM from South East Asia to focus on travel, entertainment, health, and lifestyle products. All of their offerings are available on an ecommerce platform, as well as its own shopping mall.

It makes sense for both companies to venture into the Malaysian market, as there are plenty of opportunities to explore. At the same time, Malaysia will only be the first of many stepping stones as this partnership seeks to tackle all South East Asia markets over the coming years. With the rise of mobile banking and smartphone usage,

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