BitsyBay Uses Bitcoin to Promote Digital Artists’ Works

A lot is being done when it comes to connecting artists to the world of digital commerce. Many websites today has turned into online art houses where creators can showcase and auction their artworks without needing a physical space. And these artworks are not just limited to being paintings and sketches, but also include graphic illustrations, music, app extensions, etc.

BitsyBay is a unique e-commerce platform that caters for the latter. The website specializes in promoting the works of digital artists, i.e. the extension makers, graphic designers, musicians, etc. Like any other online store, BitsyBay allows these artists to put their work for sale on the platform but, at the same time, looks impressively distinctive with its choice of payment. The store has sidelined the traditional payment services, including Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, to make space for a rather new and disruptive payment technology — called Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin?

As stated, Bitcoin is a payment technology. But in true sense, it is too many things at a single point of time. For instance: it is a digital token — a currency — that is completely free from the control of centralized authorities like banks and governments. It is created by people, for the

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