Blackmailer Warned Supermarket He Put Cyanide In Food, Wanted £2 Million

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David Ward, a 51-year-old unemployed chemistry graduate blackmailed a supermarket (whose identity and location can’t be revealed due to a court ruling) claiming he had contaminated one of their products with cyanide and requested £2 million in compensation. According to the man’s letter addressed to the supermarket, he would have revealed where he placed the product if his demands were met.

Ward sent a vial containing cyanide he purchased from the dark web with the letter to the supermarket’s headquarters. Law enforcement authorities managed to track the man down when they found his DNA on the stamp from the package containing the poison. They arrested him the day after he blackmailed the store. His DNA matched with an unconnected previous offense in 2012.

Ward is facing seven years in prison for his offense. According to him, he only claimed to have poisoned the food in the supermarket, but it was only a threat, he did not do it. Also, in the letter, he said he was working with a “group of people”, but in reality, he was “working” alone.

When police examined the vials sent to the supermarket’s HQ, they found five to ten lethal doses of potassium cyanide.

“Within four days,

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