Blackphone 2 released. Its privacy downfall is not accepting Bitcoin

Blackphone 2 the only mobile phone designed for “privacy without compromise” was released by Silent Circle this September 28th. As their Youtube video goes viral, their only privacy shortfall is not accepting Bitcoin for purchases.

Silent Circle, one of the few tech companies to build their whole enterprise on the commitment to privacy, has released Blackphone 2, a mobile phone developed from the ground up. Aiming to seal tight the many information leaks in modern telephony.

Android’s mobile products are known for many things including ease of use, low prices, being quite Open Source, among other things. But one thing they are not known for, is privacy.

The mobile giant is often criticized for giving users little control over how much of their information Apps can access and sell to advertisers, utilize or store. Popular Apps often request permission to contact lists, phone ID, photos galleries and much more, without a real explanation of why they need these increasingly valuable resources. And giving users an all or nothing choice.

Even worse, like the highly ignored ‘Terms and Agreements’ check boxes before any download or subscription online, users regularly ignore the details about what information a given

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