Block Size Consensus Hinges On Bitcoin Miners Input

There is no denying the current Bitcoin block size debate is subject to a lot of different opinions and ideas. However, it is hard for the average Bitcoin user to make their voice be heard, as there is a lot of Reddit censorship going on. Various mining pools have taken it upon themselves to let the Bitcoin miners weigh in on the debate, which is the right way to move forward. After all, there can never be majority consensus without community support.

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Valuing Bitcoin Miners

TheMerkle_Consensus Bitcoin Miners

At the time of publication, three major Bitcoin mining pools are letting the individual miners weigh in on the current block size debate. Slush pool, Antpool and F2Pool have all integrated this functionality, as, without the miners’ support, there would be no viable financial Bitcoin ecosystem.

That being said, these voting mechanisms are the right way forward to put this issue behind us once and for all. While several mining pool operators may prefer to resort to

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