Blockai Introduces Twitter-based Blockchain Copyright Solution

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Blockai-combines-Twitter-and-copyrightBlockai, a blockchain-based copyright platform designed for artists and digital content creators, has added a new social media feature that allows creators to claim their rights instantaneously through Twitter.

The platform, which is built on a decentralized network of servers, is designed for creators to store copyrights of their creation into an unalterable and irrefutable ledger. Essentially, each copyright or intellectual property stored on the blockchain network of Blockai represents a transaction which holds the record in a public database.

For creators to embed their copyrights permanently in the distributed ledger, they have to upload the image and description of their creation on the Blockai platform, which then converts the data and stores it into the blocks of their blockchain network.

To assist creators and digital content providers more efficiently, Blockai have launched Twitter integration, enabling creators to simply tweet the image using the hashtag #blockai and receive a link to their copyright claim instantly.

The copyright is then stored as a permanent record on the blockchain, with a digital certificate and unalterable proof that can be utilized to defend their rights and protect their creations.

Blockai also offers an online portfolio for creators to track their

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