Blockchain Based Dapps Expanse™ Project [EXP] Soars to New Heights in Community Growth, Utility and Volume

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Bitcoin Press Release: Expanse volume hit a record high of more than $2.7 Million trading on Poloniex on 2/11/16. The Expanse blockchain enables a stable, borderless technology future featuring a flexible DAO, powerful dApp tools and community collaboration. The 2016 Expanse roadmap is now available, highlighting community focus and detailing new utility.

February 15, 2016, WASHINGTON, NC. – The Expanse Project, this week released its new 2016 roadmap, detailing a plethora of features, capabilities and innovations. Expanse runs on a decentralized application platform designed to allow more efficient mining and enabling dApp developers to create more powerful applications. It is also unique in that it is community-managed.

“Expanse grew from a small team with a powerful idea into a complex, self-contained community,” said Christopher Franko, Expanse Lead Developer. “You can think of it as a decentralized, global political system without borders.”

What exactly does this mean? Through the use of smart contracts and decentralized blockchain technology, Expanse is run not by any one individual or group, but by the users themselves. New features, integration, and core modifications of the Expanse platform and organization can be nominated, voted on, and implemented according to the collective opinion of the community.

Why Expanse is Borderless: is a

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