Blockchain Identity: Solving the Global Identification Crisis


Bitcoin and the underlying technology of the blockchain has become a pretty important invention of our time. The cryptocurrency application itself has given us a sketch of new meanings to apply to money and mediums of exchange. The blockchain can house and transact with unlimited amounts of valued assets through its publicly distributed ledger, and among these valuable building blocks is unforgeable data. This data can lead to incredible concepts produced by the blockchains transparency attributes, such as smart contracts, governance, identity, and ultimately the Internet of Things.

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The ideas that are being brought to the table concerning digital identity creates a unique discussion with regards to the blockchain. The ledger can solve many things mentioned above, but identity may be a pretty significant step within global recognition. Identity is a problem in our world, as millions upon millions of refugees and their children go undocumented. Governments often don’t help this issue because of indecision on immigration, but a ton of NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) are paving new ideas into the digital age.

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