Surpasses 100m Successful Bitcoin Transactions

Although is not always the most reliable of Bitcoin wallet services today, the company continues to expand. Just a few days ago, the company surpassed over 100 million transactions on the Bitcoin network. With over 100,000 transfers added tot hat tally every day, remains one oft eh most popular solutions on the market. Remains Successful Despite Issues

The Bitcoin ecosystem has come a long way over the past few years. Whereas things started out as a niche project that could collapse at any moment. Cryptocurrency has become the most resilient financial asset in the world today. Some of the companies who were part of Bitcoin at the early stages have seen their fair share of success so far.

The wallet has been one of those success stories. By focusing on web access and a mobile application, the company has been working hard on letting users access their Bitcoin balances at all times. Unfortunately, there are issues with this services, as when the company servers are overloaded, no one can access their funds, as is in full control. Exporting the wallet’s private key is the only option in that regard.

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