Blockchain Intelligence Group – Closes $100000 USD Investment Via Bitcoin

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VANCOUVER, BC – 13 July, 2016 – Blockchain Intelligence Group (“BIG”) currently announces that a Company now allows intensity investors a event to buy shares in a stream BIG private chain regulating Bitcoins, a digital currency, besides normal financial forms.  The association says it allows accredited investors to deposit a smallest of fifteen (15) bitcoins into their stream round.  This will capacitate investors and a Company, combined diversification with now being authorised to implement bitcoin as a form of investment. Lance Morginn, CEO of Blockchain Intelligence Group, stated, “The advantages of regulating bitcoins to deposit into Blockchain Intelligence Group are now only being realized. With no transaction fees or surrogate banking redtape negligence a routine down, we should unequivocally wish to see some new forms of investors holding an interest.”

The Company recently finished a private chain of $100,000 USD. In care of arising a units, a Company perceived $100,000 USD value of bitcoins on a shutting date. Shone Anstey, President of Blockchain Intelligence Group said, “We cruise ourselves pioneers in permitting investment for shares around bitcoin. If anybody has an seductiveness in training some-more about what Blockchain Intelligence Group is about or would like to invest, greatfully don’t demur to

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