Blockchain Isn’t the Only Way to Distribute Computing

Bitcoin and blockchains are not the only distributed computing models explored under the umbrella of technology. While Bitcoiners have claimed that “bitcoin is the currency of AI,” for instance, others don’t believe this is so. They, in fact, don’t believe they need blockchain to achieve some tasks bitcoiners believe only the blockchain can execute. Their systems include deep learning, evolutionary intelligence, and other novel programs.

Oh, and they don’t need to worry about block size debates. They scale.

A predominant fallacy in Bitcoin remains that the technology will change the world in various ways. While this very well may be so, it’s what’s called in legal terms ” a forward-looking statement.” These are very much frowned upon, considering the laws in various countries.

Dan Morehead, CEO of Pantera Capital, once parroted this common line which is as popular at least as “to the moon!”, another Bitcoin saying positing the currency might go to $1,000,000. “#Bitcoin will change the world…” he tweeted. He also suggests, implicitly or explicitly, how “hype” plays a large roll in Bitcoin’s evolution/adoption.

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