Blockchain of Love: Someone Proposed Using Bitcoin

The only thing more uncomfortable for friends and close relations than filming your marriage proposal and putting it online is being really, really into bitcoin.

On Tuesday, somebody decided to go all-in on both of these modern horrors and became the latest person to propose using the bitcoin blockchain, the publicly viewable ledger that’s stored on every bitcoin user’s computer forever and ever.

This decision could have very easily ended up being nothing more than a permanent digital reminder of one of life’s more depressing failures, but thankfully for everyone involved she said yes, god help both of these people.

The initial message was added to the block reward (a handsome 25 bitcoins, or $17,182 USD by today’s price) sent to Chinese bitcoin company HaoBTC because they’d successfully “mined” a block of bitcoin transaction data and uploaded it to the blockchain. It read: “Sun Chun Yu: Zhuang Yuan, will you marry me?” The response, which came in the next block mined by HaoBTC, was: “Zhuang Yuan: YES!”

It’s worth noting that this tale of crypto-love might be too good to be true. The messages were added by HaoBTC itself—both the proposal and the response. Either two people working at the company

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