Blockchain Project Synereo Promises Evolution in Social Networking Space

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“Come out here and give me back my name!” was the response of writer Salman Rushdie to Facebook, when he found out that the social network website had deactivated his account.

The case goes back to 2011 when Rushdie took to Twitter to inform his followers how Facebook was literally acting like a de-facto passport vendor. Apparently, the writer’s original name is Ahmad Rushdie which, according to much mainstream coverage, was an issue for Mark Zuckerberg’s company. In fact, Facebook took itself so seriously that it even demanded proof of identity, and turned Salman Rushdie to Ahmed Rushdie.

The predicament was not about a user who had used a name which identified him, but — in its true sense — it was a question to Facebook: Why is my name your business?

It is no surprise that since the late 2000s, Facebook has secretly injected additional clauses into their existing privacy and data policies. The company, over recent years, has been aggressively exterminating incognito and proliferated users. The nature of this practice is pretty simple: to hold only genuine personal information while ensuring strong, result-oriented campaigns for advertisers.

So don’t be surprised when you see a Dominos paid ad on Facebook a week after

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