Blockchain Social Website Steemit to Hard Fork in December

Steemit, a social news website designed on a blockchain, will hard fork on Tuesday, December 6, thus changing the Steemit blockchain’s economic model. The platform is looking to bring on more short-to-mid term investors.

“With this hardfork the greatest portion of the community feels the ecosystem will be changing for the better and will now be more accessible to more people,” says CEO of Steemit, Ned Scott. “The hard fork request was initiated by the community, and once we reiterated the recommendations, we received an overwhelmingly positive response. The reason we built Steemit was to create not just a community where people could get rewarded for their time, creativity, attention and effort; but one where every user has a voice. The community has recommended improvements to the platform and we responded to help us all. We’ve always encouraged two-way dialogue with our user base and we feel that this will benefit all current and future users of Steemit.”

Community members and Steem programmers hope the economic changes will increase stability of the Steem platform and

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