Blockchain technology could secure digital rights

Is something once on the Internet, then the impact on what happens to it is relatively low. A Berlin-based start-up wants to solve the problem with the blockchain technology, because that can do more than just manage digital money. The idea: A huge database should store the copyright of each available network in the digital work. However, not central to an authority or a service provider, but completely decentralized distributed network. It’s made possible by the blockchain, ie those database that manages also Bitcoin.

Here, a blockchain property is used, the more likely appear at first glance to be a disadvantage for a database, explains Dr. Stefan Richter. This freelance computer scientist from Leipzig specializes in the blockchain. “The blockchain is a very special distributed database, namely one that is once spread on a very stupid way and all the people who participate in the network, get the whole database. ”

This redundancy of information, however, it can be ensured that neither data loss nor that they be changed. Because the entire network knows at any time what data have been created when and who has the exclusive right to manage this. The big challenge – as judges – be it but,

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