BlockChain Technology for Scientific Research and Development

The digital currency era began with the introduction of Bitcoin. Bitcoin has gained wide spread acceptance in the past few years. The technology powering bitcoin, better known as Blockchain technology has gained a lot of attention in the recent days due to its potential uses. Blockchain is a secure, transparent ledger that records all transactions occurring over the Bitcoin Network. Developers and researchers have found various other applications of Blockchain. Apart from being used as a ledger for cryptocurrencies, it can also be adopted to record and manage other forms of data as well.

The use of Blockchain in creating various applications that does not necessarily deal with the financial aspect of bitcoin has got its own name now. It is called Bitcoin 2.0 and there are various startups and individuals who have already created and launched such applications for use in diverse range of fields. Some of the notable applications are in banking, finance, intellectual property, medical records management, scientific research and more. Blockchain technology holds a lot of potential in scientific research. It can used for laboratory data management, powering scientific computing, ,managing patents and other IP related to research, publishing research journals and more.

There are a handful of

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