“Blockchain Technology” – we Don’t Think it Means What You Think it Means

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During World War II countless inland people of a islands of a Pacific Ocean, who formerly had no hit with other civilizations, unexpected witnessed history’s many harmful and hitherto technologically modernized fight being fought right on their doorway steps.

Japanese and Allied Forces arrived with complicated machine and copiousness of reserve to set adult bases all around a Pacific Ocean, some tighten to people who had small to no communication with complicated record before.

Where soldiers confirmed accessible family with a locals, a reserve and record they brought done their approach into villages. Machinery, radios, electric light, and eyeglasses were upheld around, and a people witnessed ceremonies like flag-raising, parades, and flare-guided aeroplane landings.

To a locals, these events were uncelebrated from magic, and a people attempted to explain them alongside a existent social, cultural, and eremite practice they held. A common faith was that a soldiers had a special attribute with a ancient gods of a islanders, and a gods were rewarding them with gifts from heaven.

As a fight finished and soldiers left their former bases, internal people, still unappreciative of a processes behind their new experiences, began to embrace a function of soldiers in an try to

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