Blockchain Technology: Making Smart Guns Smarter

Bitcoin Watch Shop spoke with Blocksafe CEO Kevin Barnes, whose startup brings blockchain and P2P networking to smart gun technology. This solution has the potential to eliminate unauthorized gun access, track missing firearms, and more importantly, reduce overall violence.

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Blockchain Meets ‘Smart Gun’ Technology

kevin Blocksafe
Kevin Barnes

Kevin Barnes is a military veteran and blockchain developer who saw a problem in nascent “smart gun” technology.

Specifically, this is the disconcerting possibility that government could eventually monitor and control guns remotely. Instead, he hopes to provide an opt-in alternative that would enable gun owners to choose whether they want to make their firearms “smart,” automatically blocking access to unauthorized users.

For example, Blocksafe could be used by police to manage, locate, control, and view activities of their officers’ firearms in real time, 24 hours a day. Firing range instructors could use it to train in safer environments, analyzing shooting patterns and tracking inventory. Any gun owner could use Blocksafe to locate stolen guns, access a real-time count of how many rounds are left in

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