BlockPay Cryptocurrency Payments Company Announces its ICO in Association with OpenLedger

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August 23, 2016 Blokhus, Denmark – BlockPay is a young blockchain based FinTech company from Munich that helps businesses with fast and simple payment processing services. The platform supports most cryptocurrencies. BlockPay is solving most of the security and business risks through modern Blockchain technologies and helps business around the world to accept digital payments for free. The BlockPay Pre-ICO hosted by OpenLedger began today, at 04:00 PM GMT. The pre-ICO is receiving a great response from the community and the company has successfully raised over 300 BTC within hours of the campaign going live.

The transparency and immutability of Bitcoin blockchain is a two-edged sword which the businesses and corporates are wary about. While these properties implement accountability and some form of clarity to transactions made on the cryptocurrency network, it also leaves the whole company’s financial data open to the public. In today’s competitive world, it is essential for businesses to play their cards close to the chest. Leaving confidential transaction information in the public domain makes them an easy target for industrial espionage by their competitors. By uncovering the ownership of certain wallet addresses, rival companies can easily gain access to information about their competitor’s operations and supply

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