Blockstream Completes Its First Lightning Transaction on Bitcoin Testnet

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Blockstream engineers Paul “Rusty” Russell and Dr. Christian Decker completed their initial lightning transaction on Bitcoin’s testnet this week. The exam transaction was done regulating a latest chronicle of a Blockstream’s lightning antecedent software, lightningd 0.5 and consisted of a digital squeeze from a web-store.

Speaking to Bitcoin Magazine Decker said:

“This is a large miracle for us. It’s a initial time we have a channel setup on a genuine blockchain, with genuine latencies and retard rates, and it’s a initial multi-hop transaction, where a remuneration for a digital good routes from one node to another by a third node.”

Making a Transaction

The rarely expected lightning network is a due second-layer custom to be rolled out on tip of Bitcoin’s blockchain. Cleverly utilizing Bitcoin’s programmable elements (e.g., multi-signature and timelock) lightning users should be means to make a probably total series of off-chain exchange during low cost, potentially boosting Bitcoin’s micropayment-ability and altogether scalability.

Several teams are now operative on opposite implementations of lightning software. Only final week, BitFury, Lightning Labs and ACINQ announced a successful exam of due lightning routing complement Flare, since a Lightning Labs

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