BlockTrail Wallet for Those Who Prefer a More Secure Solution

BlockTrail B.V, the Amsterdam based bitcoin tools and API makers have launched a new bitcoin wallet. The wallet, which we will call as BlockTrail Wallet is a secure hosted wallet that lets its users have full control over their bitcoins. Unlike most of the wallet services, BlockTrail Wallet comes with multisignature and HD wallet capabilities activated by default.

BlockTrail Wallet is a multiplatform wallet currently available on iOS, Android and Web platforms. BlockTrail Wallet allows users to create their own private key and it doesn’t hold any bitcoin within itself. BlockTrail Wallet will be competing against the current leaders like Blockchain, Coinbase, Xapo and Circle who have so far managed to capture a huge chunk of the market.

BlockTrail Wallet users can make use of all the features expected of any bitcoin wallet, including sending, receiving, storing bitcoins, generating QR codes for their bitcoin wallet address and receiving bitcoins though them. The unique feature that makes BlockTrail Wallet more attractive over currently available options is the fact that users will always have control over bitcoins in their wallet as they will be creating and having access to their own private

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