Blythe Masters And Digital Asset Facilitates Capital Investment On Blockchain / Mario Cotillard / 11 September 2015

Pivit is an interactive marketplace that combines public opinion, news and data to produce live odds on global event outcomes. The company recently announced that a portion of it’s latest US$5m funding round has been issued utilizing distributed ledger technology.

The issuance marks one of the first real uses of the distributed ledger, or “private blockchain,” technology developed by HyperLedger, a financial startup acquired by Digital Asset Holdings(DAH) in June. DAH is led by former Head of Global Commodities at Goldman Sachs, Blythe Masters. The company’s mission is to bring 21st century technology to existing financial infrastructure, which Masters thinks can revitalize the financial industry.

“Blythe Masters and the Digital Asset team are positioned to bring together a wide variety of constituents from the financial community, and we’re excited to be in a position as a company to take advantage of the efficiencies being created through the institutionalization of blockchain technology.”