Blythe Masters’ Digital Asset Holdings Acquires Hyperledger and Bits of Proof


In March, Bitcoin Magazine covered the digital economy startup Digital Asset Holdings, headed by the financial superstar Blythe Masters, a former JPMorgan Chase Co. executive.

Digital Asset Holdings uses distributed ledgers to track and settle both digital and mainstream financial assets in a cryptographically secure environment where counterparty risk is minimized, and settlement times are drastically reduced.

Now, Digital Asset Holdings LLC announced two acquisitions, Bloomberg Business reports. The company bought San Francisco-based Hyperledger and Budapest-based Bits of Proof for undisclosed amounts.

“Hyperledger and Bits of Proof add valuable new dimensions to our product offering and great talent to our team,” said Masters. “We build tools to help clients harness the power of distributed ledgers to serve their own customers. We integrate financial infrastructure with a variety of innovative new technologies inspired by the blockchain. Different ledger technologies serve different purposes and all of those we integrate with are additive.”

Hyperledger, a finalist in the SWIFT Innotribe startup challenge, developed an innovative distributed ledger to allow banks and other financial institutions to clear and settle transactions in realtime. The company’s technology enables financial institutions to

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