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Bnk to the Future (BTTF) is the world’s first peer-to-peer market allowing businesses to raise debt, equity or donations from consumers and investors in one place.

“The financial system is broken and it needs disrupting. We believe that disruption is going to come from entrepreneurs and a new breed of investors, not governments and banks. It is very important to us that this disruption is funded independent of the banking system so we don’t recreate the problems with banking all over again online.” – Simon Dixon, Bnk To The Future co-founder and CEO

BTTF focuses on financial innovation and technology projects. In an interview with BNC, Co-Founder and CEO Simon Dixon explained that a startup can easily apply for a listing on the equity crowdfunding site online, but must include an investor slide deck. “If we like it we call them for a phone pitch and often invite them to pitch on our TV show.”

The TV show, Crowd Factor, is hosted by Dixon and Financial Journalist, FinTech Entrepreneur and Investor, Max Keiser. “If they are a good fit and they pass due diligence then we will work to get their best pitch live and secure some early investors before making the pitch public for new investors,” stated Dixon

Dixon explained that following the TV show, he and Keiser may invest through their fund called Bitcoin Capital, or personally after going through due diligence. Bitcoin Capital is a fund managed by Keiser and Dixon, which initially raised funds on Bnk To The Future. The pitch on BTTF described the fund as, “high risk, high return,” and raised over 1.5M EUR. Following the successful funding, they have now launched a second tranche for $5 million to invest further in the sector.

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