Bombs NOT Bitcoin! | ‘We Are At Risk’ | A Digital Ticking TimeBomb!


Bombs NOT Bitcoin! | ‘We Are At Risk!’ | A Digital Ticking Timebomb!

Written By: Patrick ‘PK’ McDonnell

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“Anyone Who Doesn’t Believe Over 25% Of The Coin Market Cap Total Value Isn’t Criminal, Drug Transaction’s Hate Money Is Dilutional! It Comes With The Territory Can Be Tamed. $USD Was Built Off The Drug Wars.”

Bitcoin, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyPossibly the greatest innovation of mankind? So many new applications blockchains being developed by the biggest names in business/finance that we can’t keep up! WOW! SUCH DISRUPTION! Regulation has infiltrated our community continues on through natural progression.

But let’s take a step back recognize the most important aspects of becoming a somewhat decentralized society with limited rules regulations? Sounds great to me! Yet a little voice in my head screams ‘security’! Not the type of

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