Bombs NOT Bitcoin! | ‘We Are At Risk’ | A Digital Ticking TimeBomb!


Bombs NOT Bitcoin! | ‘We Are At Risk!’ | A Digital Ticking Timebomb!

Written By: Patrick ‘PK’ McDonnell

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Bitcoin, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyPossibly the greatest innovation of mankind? So many new applications blockchains being developed by the biggest names in business/finance that we can’t keep up! WOW! SUCH DISRUPTION! Regulation has infiltrated our community continues on through natural progression.

But let’s take a step back recognize the most important aspects of becoming a somewhat decentralized society with limited rules regulations? Sounds great to me! Yet a little voice in my head screams ‘security’! Not the type of security that protects consumer wallets from hacker thefts, security as in ‘Homeland Security’.

‘We Are At Risk!’ ….. “Our society as a whole has proven we need rules regulations on some level to keep order otherwise we have anarchy chaos.”

Bitcoin it’s underlying world of sister chains ultimate survival or demise depends on much more than what the BTC hierarchy is currently debating. Like any invention it can be used for both evil  good. I am a cryptohead to the core! An advocate of decentralization, Outspoken marijuana supporter, etc.

But Bitcoin it’s underlying technology ‘Blockchain’ are a ‘digital ticking tombbomb’ that can anonymously be used in nuclear war terrorism outside of other things. It’s time as a community we address this come to agreement on a steadfast solution that monitors our communities IP Addresses Blockchains, etc. anonymously for suspicious activities money flows through mining rewards which reports abnormal activity transparently in community forums to evaluate threats while eliminating risks of enabling the funding of terrorism, war or evil acts. Bitcoin was created for equality not hatred!

Alternative Cryptocurrencies pose the most risk for evil organizations to fly below the radar we as a digital eco-system must police our communities if we seek true decentralization. A Blockchain is a proposed economy in many cases with that comes the responsibility of a government like structure not an exchange listing! If you are not economically sound leave the Blockchain alone. We cannot afford to turn a blind eye. ‘See something, say something,’ innocent lives are at stake in the real-world. Wake up Bitcoiners!

COYOTE AFTER THOUGHT??? As a father of two young adults growing living in The US, I cannot help but think for my children’s future. Our country is suffering from a lack of leadership while our reserves are dwindling. As American’s we are consumed with debts threats due to current/previous mis-management that destroyed what once was a great prospering country. I pray that the digital generation gets it’s right with Blockchain Technology cures the ills of our broken society not only monetarily but morally. ~~~~~88~~~~~


About The Writer: Patrick ‘PK’ McDonnell is a former Wall Street investment banker who has consulted over 700 blockchain based developments since 2013. Recognizing the full potential of bitcoin blockchain technology he adopted BTC as his official currency never looking back. He is known as ‘The Coyote Of Wall St’ navigating the markets since 1992.

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