Bon Voyage, Welcome To The Isle Of Bitcoin

Last week in PYMNTS’ Bitcoin Tracker, we told the story of how the writer of the book that became the movie “Shutter Island,” Dennis Lehane, was adapting the story of Silk Road into a potential box office hit.

 On Mann, bitcoin has become a popular currency for many businesses, many of which are of course small businesses and locally owned.

This week, we’re traveling to a little place called the Isle of Man, which has landed its place in the mainstream media headlines this week for being known as “Bitcoin Island.To us, this sounds like the next Leonardo DiCaprio flick.

The story of this strange little island shows why bitcoin is, and always will be, viewed as a little quirky with popularity popping up in a variety of unconventional places. A Bloomberg narrative on the Isle of Man, commonly known as Mann, provides colorful details on the odd 221 square-mile island that’s just a short flight from London.

Like the fact that it has four-horned sheep and

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