Boston University Researchers Explore Bitcoin in Conflict Zones

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Could digital currencies urge financial conditions in war-torn countries? Boston University’s Center for Finance, Law and Policy (CFLP) has convened a charge force to try either they can.

The investigate effort, that began progressing this year, follows on a heels of an Oct 2013 news on remittances in regions of raid by struggle and turmoil. That news had a sold concentration on a Middle East and Africa, and did not investigate digital currencies.

From Commonwealth executive bankers to vital credit label networks, digital currencies have been cited by many observers as a probable game-changer for a universe of remittances, notwithstanding pushback from attention incumbents.

Organizations such as a Bill Melinda Gates Foundation have also begun looking during blockchain implementations as a means of building new remuneration systems for a unbanked.

The charge force is being led by Daivi Rodima-Taylor and William W Grimes of a CFLP, an interdisciplinary investigate beginning focused on financial issues. The CFLP recently hosted a panel that explored bitcoin and a blockchain and how they competence fit into a broader universe of grave and spontaneous remittance flows.

Moderated by Circle’s John Beccia, panelists enclosed Counterparty village manager Chris DeRose,

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