Bram Cohen Says New uTorrent Mode is For Private Trackers


servers-noWhile most people still associate torrents with desktop clients, the browser-based WebTorrent equivalent is quickly gaining popularity.

Simply put, WebTorrent is a torrent client for the web. Instead of using standalone applications it allows people to share files directly from their browser, without having to configure or install anything.

This allows people to stream videos directly from regular browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, similar to what they would do on YouTube.

The technology, created by Stanford University graduate Feross Aboukhadijeh, already piqued the interest of Netflix and also resulted in various innovative implementations.

Most recently, Czech developer Michal Spicka created a the Web2Web project, which allows people to share entire websites using WebTorrent technology. This makes these sites virtually impossible to take down.

Michal tells TorrentFreak that he is fascinated by modern technology and wanted to develop a resilient, serverless and anonymous platform for people to share something online.

“In the past we’ve seen powerful interest groups shut down legitimate websites. I wondered if I could come up with something that can’t be taken down that easily and also protects the site operator’s

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