Brave Offers First Bitcoin Micropayments to Publishers

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Browser program startup Brave has some bitcoin it would like to give to The Wall Street Journal.

The argumentative browser that blocks third-party ads, also gives users a ability to equivalent mislaid ad income in a form of bitcoin micropayments reconciled during a finish of any month.

The initial of these settlement cycles finished final week and Brave has now published a step-by-step process explaining how website owners can explain their bitcoin.

The Wall Street Journal is series one,” Brave co-founder Brenden Eich during a review with CoinDesk progressing this week.

Eich added:

“Those supports are pier up. We have an accounting complement that says we voted for this publisher this many times and that website we liked.”

CoinDesk can exclusively determine that The Wall Street Journal tops a list, though Brave is not pity how most bitcoin a announcement can collect, or that other sites qualify.

In total, about 8,000 Brave users visited 827 websites over a month-long duration finale Friday.

Users can name if some of a sites they revisit frequently don’t get paid and control a commission of a set monthly volume to be allocated to any site.

To collect that bitcoin Brave’s an interested

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