Brave Reverses Web Monetization by Paying Users Bitcoin to Watch Ads

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A vital problem confronting online publishers in new years is monetizing a calm they create. Newspapers (are these still around?) used to assign income for yearly subscriptions or per duplicate during a stand, and advertisements, though online a prevalent indication relies only on ads. But as some-more apps and platforms charity ad-blocking facilities website’s revenues’ drop.

Some publications with clever tellurian brands have returned to a aged journal subscription price indication by manufacture a paywall around their websites. For many websites however, this form of bound agreement does not fit their readership and a format of charging per essay would be some-more effective. Since holding out your credit label and profitable 10 cents for “10 things we did know about your cat” is too most of a hassle, several solutions have propped adult charity to be a middleman.

The latest resolution to this problem comes from Brave, a new remoteness focused browser from Brendan Eich a former CEO and co-founder of Mozilla (the organisation behind Firefox). The open-source Brave web browser blocks ads and trackers by default though includes a Bitcoin-based micropayments complement (Brave Ledger) that offers users a choice between observation comparison ads or profitable websites not to arrangement them.

The newest

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