Brave Software reveals details about browser bitcoin micropayments and user earnings

Brave Software has created an open source internet browser, made to compete with the likes of Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. The browser initially removes all forms of advertising from a webpage, including banners, pop-ups, tracking pixels, malware, and flash cookies. The platform then serves different ads in some locations.

– Brave Software


The first beta version, released in January, showed users how speedy the browser could be, but didn’t have a micropayment solution. The development team announced Brave Ledger on Thursday, a Bitcoin-based payment system for users and publishers.

“We are planning on having everything running (and released as open source) in our 1.0 Development release later in May,” states the team. The code is currently being written, and is available for review and comment on Github.

Brave generally operates in one of two modes while browsing the web, either “ad-free” or “ad replacement.” Ad-free mode is sold as the faster of the two, and

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