Brave to Integrate Bitcoin Micropayments: For "Users Who Will Take a Stand and Fight Back"

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In March, Bitcoin Magazine covered a launch of a Brave browser, that offers faster browsing by replacing ads with purify and light ads. The proclamation settled that a stirring chronicle of a Brave browser, designed for April, would embody micropayments and a built-in Bitcoin wallet. It has taken a bit longer, as it customarily happens in innovative tech, though Brave micropayments and Bitcoin support are finally here.

Brave announced a beta chronicle of Brave Payments, a Bitcoin-based micropayments complement that can automatically and secretly compensate a favorite websites of Brave users, integrated in a new 0.11.6 recover of Brave for desktop.

“For a initial time in a story of web browsers, people can now seamlessly prerogative a sites whose calm they value and wish to support, while remaining untracked by anyone, including us during Brave Software, Inc,,” pronounced Brave founder, Brendan Eich. “This removes a need for intermediaries who might overcome web pages with invasive trackers and ads (and infrequently even malware).”

Eich, who is also a creator of a Javascript programming denunciation and a former CEO of Mozilla, combined that users are sleepy of a stream ad-tech ecosystem that clogs their web pages and information connections

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