Brave to Integrate Bitcoin Micropayments: For "Users Who Will Take a Stand and Fight Back"

In March, Bitcoin Magazine covered the launch of the Brave browser, which offers faster browsing by replacing ads with clean and light ads. The announcement stated that the forthcoming version of the Brave browser, planned for April, would include micropayments and a built-in Bitcoin wallet. It has taken a bit longer, as it usually happens in innovative tech, but Brave micropayments and Bitcoin support are finally here.

Brave announced the beta version of Brave Payments, a Bitcoin-based micropayments system that can automatically and privately pay the favorite websites of Brave users, integrated in the recent 0.11.6 release of Brave for desktop.

“For the first time in the history of web browsers, people can now seamlessly reward the sites whose content they value and wish to support, while remaining untracked by anyone, including us at Brave Software, Inc,,” said Brave founder, Brendan Eich. “This removes the need for intermediaries who may overwhelm web pages with invasive trackers and ads (and sometimes even malware).”

Eich, who is also the creator of the Javascript programming language and the former CEO of Mozilla, added that users are tired of the current ad-tech ecosystem that clogs their web pages and data connections

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