Brexit – Gold And Bitcoin Hedge?

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BREXIT. It’s a stream thesis of review opposite many western economies during a moment. With a initial (potential) politically encouraged murder now carrying taken place, things are usually set to light adult more.

For those of we who are out of a loop; UK is carrying a opinion on 23rd of Jun to confirm either they leave a EU or not. As of essay this a Out debate is in a lead, 53:47, though a outcome is not set in stone.

What is set in mill however is a paralyzing fear of uncertainty, investment flows are not occurring and a £ is descending fast:


(Source: LGBB Chart)

The draft above is of Bullish GBP vs. G10 Currency Basket (LGBB), it represents a £ vs. a extended operation of other currencies. There is a really conspicuous decrease given Nov 2015 – this is a BREXIT effect! For those looking to trade a contingent liberation of a £ we should checkout (NYSEARCA:FXB) or (NYSEARCA:GBB), a before has better

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