Brexit is Beneficial To Bitcoin Tourists Heading To The UK

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The Brexit is making a lot of media headlines, albeit most of the news is put in a negative spotlight. For people who are looking to travel to the UK, this turmoil presents an excellent opportunity. With the Pound Sterling losing value against the USD and EUR, it becomes a lot cheaper to travel to the United Kingdom. Bitcoin users can reap the benefits from this situation as well.

Discounted UK Travel And Expenses

Although UK residents may not be too happy about the outcome of the Brexit right now, the result is doing wonders for the UK travel industry. With prices of flights, hotels, and sightseeing attractions dropping, more people are looking to make a trip to the UK in the future. Additionally, as the Pound Sterling loses value against both the Euro and US Dollar, foreign currency exchange rates are favoring tourists as well.

To put these numbers into perspective a bit, hotel prices are dropping by quite a margin. Even though the GBP prices remain virtually unchanged, the conversion rates make a huge difference. Similar gains are noted when dealing with transportation, going out

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