Brian Krebs Attacked By Hackers: Largest DDoS Attack Against A Security Blogger

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Brian Krebs, a top security blogger who writes on the Krebs on Security blog, was attacked by a massive DDoS attack, recently. A giant botnet made up with things connected to the internet, such as lightbulbs, cameras, and thermostats, had launched the largest DDoS attack ever delivered with the use of IoT (internet of things) devices.

The attack was so big that Akamai, the CDN (content delivery network) and cloud service provider of Krebs, has canceled the security blogger’s account. The reason for the cancellation was not that Akamai couldn’t mitigate the attack, but they used so many resources for protection that it became rather expensive, according to Andy Ellis, the firm’s Chief Security Officer.

The delivery network stopped protection for the Krebs on Security blog after 665 Gbps of traffic overwhelmed the security expert’s site on Tuesday. The attack’s size was almost over the double what Akamai had ever seen before. Ellis says it will take time to analyze and come up with more effective mitigation tools for this IoT botnet.

The Akamai CSO added the attack was similar to the 2010 attacks of Anonymous where they used the open source, low-orbit ion cannon tool, or to the 2014 DDoS attacks

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