British Monarchy is Richer Than Ever

The British monarchy is richer than ever. Queen Elizabeth became the longest serving royal ever on September 9 after 63 years on the throne. Reuters found that the British monarchy has benefitted from an increase in house and land prices especially in the wake of the 2007 global financial crisis. 

The queen has made headlines by using thrifty space heaters to keep her “chilly” palaces warm. In recent days, however, she has made headlines for a different reason: her family’s vast wealth after years on the throne. According to spokespeople, the queen is actually thrifty, owning little more than a few race horses.

The Reuters estimate posits that, based on the monarchy’s interests, the monarchy now has nominal assets valued at approximately 22.8 billion pounds ($34.8 billion). The family is on the top 20 global rich list. Knowing how much the monarchy is truly worth is not easy, however, since many assets are owned privately, like the Crown Estate, which is the main investment institution of royal wealth and is owned in the interests of the nation by the monarchy until their reign ends.

According to Buckingham Palace, the 11.5 billion pound Crown Estate does not belong to

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