Browser Plug-in AdBlock Now Supports Bitcoin Donations

Whenever an existing platform starts accepting Bitcoin payments, there is always cause for joy among the digital currency community. Not just because this may indicate that these services will gain additional customers who can finally pay in Bitcoin, but also because they help spread the name of this digital currency. The latest service to accept Bitcoin payments is none other than AdBlock, one of the most widely used browser plug-ins in the world.

AdBlock’s Honor Program

Most of the people who have the AdBlock plugin installed in their browser will have noticed there are two different versions available. However, both the free and the Pro version are completely free of charge, which is quite uncommon for a “pro” version of a plugin. Oddly enough, both of these add-ons are not related to one another, as they are created by different developers. So how are the AdBlock developers making money?

Here’s how;  there is an initiative called the “AdBlock Honor Program,” which lets users donate an amount of their choice to the developers, rather than using a fixed price for, what is, a great and useful plugin. Giving users the choice of donating x amount

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