Bruce Fenton to Resign from Bitcoin Foundation’s Director Post

Bitcoin Foundation’s long term director Bruce Fenton recently hinted that he might be leaving the organization, stamping yet another controversy on the Bitcoin lobbying group.

How did the bitcoin get where it is today? Bitcoin was not really popular when it was first introduced. During the initial days, Bitcoin was equated with game currency. The digital currency had to gain notoriety before it could become popular. As the use of Bitcoin picked up among the users of the deep web, its role in the darknet marketplaces started appearing in the media.

The first tryst with bitcoin for many was through these reports about the use of digital currency to buy drugs and contraband from the deep web marketplaces on the internet. People gradually started using the digital currency out of curiosity. As bitcoin started gaining acceptance among few people, it became apparent that unless the digital currency and its uses are aggressively promoted to the masses, its adoption will never gain the required critical mass to make it a mainstream currency. Bitcoin Foundation was one such attempt towards promoting the use of bitcoin, thought about by the core developers and other personalities who started working on the digital currency in its early days.

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