Bryan Micon To Plead Guilty To Lesser Charge, Avoid Jail Time

After returning from the island nation of Antigua and being booked into the Clark County Detention Center upon his arrival, poker professional/Bitcoin entrepreneur/online poker room owner/operator Bryan Micon has decided to plead guilty to lesser charges and will avoid any jail time.

According to David Ferrara of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the deal struck by Micon and his attorney Richard Schonfeld would keep him out of jail and also keep a felony conviction off his record, something that would be important to Micon should he want to frequent the tournament poker circuit again. If the judge rejects the plea agreement, Micon is eligible to revoke his guilty plea and the case would head to trial.

Currently Micon is facing a felony count of operating an unlicensed interactive gaming system, which is punishable by a 10-year prison sentence and/or a $50,000 fine. Under the guidelines of the plea agreement, Micon would plead guilty to a misdemeanor version of the felony charge, receive an undetermined probation (which he would have to remain in the U. S. and complete) and a $25,000 fine. Micon would also relinquish ownership of several items that were seized by Nevada gaming agents, including electronic equipment, $900 in cash and 3.0996 Bitcoins (roughly $750 in U. S. currency under current exchange rates), the financial modus operandi of Micon’s former site, Seals with Clubs.

The probation issue is the one that the case may hinge on for Micon. The judge in the case could reject the agreed-upon deal for any reason, which would force Nevada state attorney’s to try the case and Micon to face the full wrath of the legal system. Schonfeld

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