BTC China Rebrands to BTCC for Increased International Appeal

Making a Bitcoin exchange platform more appealing to international customers can be done in various ways.  Offering more international payment methods is just one way to tackle this problem.  In the case of major Bitcoin exchange BTC China, the team decided to rebrand to “BTCC”, as part of their international expansion plan.

Interesting Name Change for International Expansion

Having the term “China” associated with a Bitcoin exchange can cause a few issues down the line.  Novice users might assume that BTC China is only available to Chinese or Asian customers, even though the platform can service nearly every country in the world right now.  Plus, with most of the Bitcoin trading volume originating in China, a name such as “BTC China” could create a bit of confusion in the community.

In fact, BTC China was the only Bitcoin exchange that has a country in the company name.  Bitstamp, Coinbase, Safello, Coinbase and others do not represent just the US, Europe or any other continent by looking at their name.  Perhaps this is one of the reasons why these platforms are more popular in the international Bitcoin community, compared to BTC China.

Renaming to BTCC seems like a good move at first glance, but there is still a lot of confusion regarding the name as well.  One user pointed out how “BTCC” is the official abbreviation for “British Touring Car Championship”, a licensed automotive organization.  Whether or not this new name will cause conflict in that regard, remains unknown for the time being.

It has to be said, however, that “BTCC” sounds far more appealing to the international crowd.  Most everyday consumers have heard the term “BTC” before and can, therefore, associate it with Bitcoin.  BTC China hopes to increase their international customer base by quite a margin once this rebranding has been completed.

BTC China’s Bitcoin trading volume used to be the largest in the world about a year ago.  With innovative features, such as the BTC China mining pool and an integrated merchant solution, things were looking up for the company.  However, in recent times, BC China has been sliding in the “power rankings” as far as trading volume is concerned, with OKCoin leading the charge right now.

A Milestone Along the Long Road for BTCChinaBTCC

“We are immensely proud of what we have achieved so far.  Over the past four years, we have grown far beyond just being an exchange.  We now offer a comprehensive set of products and services in cryptocurrencies, including wallets, merchant payments and also a mining pool.  Bitcoin is global and as we launch more products and services to serve the global audience, we needed a more global name.  BTCC is that name.  Wherever you are, BTCC is your bitcoin company.” – BTCC CEO Bobby Lee told the media.

But there seems to be more to this rebranding decision than meets the eye.  Not only is “BTCC” removing the “China” part of its name, but it also represents the focus on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.  BTCC will remain true to cryptographic technologies and the potential for disruption offered.  Furthermore, the rebranding to BTCC will also introduce a new company logo and website.

“We’re excited to introduce a new logo and identity that modernises and reinvigorates the BTCC experience.  The new BTCC logo retains some original elements as a nod to our heritage, but also conveys a bold simplicity that translates well across any screen size.  We now have a unified design language that we will be rolling out across all of our web products, as well as our forthcoming refreshed mobile products, which are being redesigned and developed from the ground up.”  – BTCC COO Samson Mow explained.

Source: BTC China News

Images courtesy of BTC China, BTCC, Shutterstock