BTC Exchange PS Coin Rebrands Itself to LZF: Interview with Co-founder Daniel Pusateri


Bitcoinist_BitcoinUseCasesBitcoinist_BitcoinUseCasesBitcoin exchange is re-branding to, the co-founder of the company Daniel Pusateri cites several reasons behind the decision in the exclusive interview with Bitcoinist. The rebranding effort is a part of its mission incentivizes trading in Bitcoin markets correctly.

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Daniel Pusateri informs Bitcoinist that stands for Laissez Faire, which means the free market, a market without government interference. Though, currently, redirects users to, he informs that the replacement will become complete within the coming weeks. Pusateri got the domain name from his partner Andrew Tepper, who agreed to sell it to the company for $20,000 in equity.

He admits that the company has never been entirely ‘set’ on the name ‘PS Coin.’ Instead of investing great time into coming up with something else, he says he kept focus on what really matters the most for the company. He realized it is engineering and launching the best product possible that should be kept

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