BTCC Launches BlockPriority, An Expedited Bitcoin Confirmation Service

BTCC, the Chinese bitcoin conglomerate, has launched a bitcoin service that prioritizes bitcoin transaction confirmations for its customers, the company announced on its website. The BlockPriority service expedites confirmations of bitcoin transactions sent through BTCC services even when the bitcoin network is stressed or facing spam attacks.

BlockPriority imageBlockPriority is available only to BTCC users, said Samson Mow, the company’s chief operating officer.

BTTC automatically provides the service to its customers with no additional charge. The service works by submitting bitcoin transactions sent to or from any BTCC wallet address directly to the BTCC mining pool and provides rapid confirmation. BTCC claims its mining pool accounts for about 13% of the hashing power of the global bitcoin network.

Service Prioritizes All BTCC Transactions

BlockPriority prioritizes all BTCC customer transactions, including those who pay no transaction fees. BTCC noted customers paying lower transaction fees on other wallet services and exchanges can find themselves waiting before the bitcoin network confirms transactions.

By prioritizing all bitcoin transactions

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