BTCC Plays Santa, Contributes 100 Free Nodes to Bitcoin Network

BTCC, the leading bitcoin mining and exchange platform decided to play Santa this Christmas. The company, previously known as BTCChina has reportedly contributed over 100 full nodes to the entire bitcoin network across the world. These full nodes are distributed across the world (5 continents) and they will continue supporting the bitcoin network.  

This donation comes at the right time for Bitcoin as the network has been facing a steady decline in the number of nodes. Unlike mining, not many are interested in hosting a bitcoin node as it doesn’t pay. While bitcoin mining pays rewards to miners, hosting bitcoin nodes doesn’t. But, these very nodes are responsible for verifying transactions and integrity of the network. The bitcoin full nodes store and serve entire copies of the blockchain to the network. The number of nodes are directly proportional to the degree of decentralization of the bitcoin platform. The steady decrease in the number of

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