BTCC Plays Santa, Contributes 100 Free Nodes to Bitcoin Network

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BTCC, a heading bitcoin mining and sell height motionless to play Santa this Christmas. The company, previously famous as BTCChina has reportedly contributed over 100 full nodes to a whole bitcoin network opposite a world. These full nodes are distributed opposite a universe (5 continents) and they will continue ancillary a bitcoin network.  

This concession comes during a right time for Bitcoin as a network has been confronting a solid diminution in a series of nodes. Unlike mining, not many are interested in hosting a bitcoin node as it doesn’t pay. While bitcoin mining pays rewards to miners, hosting bitcoin nodes doesn’t. But, these really nodes are obliged for verifying exchange and firmness of a network. The bitcoin full nodes store and offer whole copies of a blockchain to a network. The series of nodes are directly proportional to a grade of decentralization of a bitcoin platform. The solid diminution in a series of

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