BTCChina Introduces Service to Imprint Messages on the Block Chain

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Have you always been curious about how messages can be imprinted on the block chain, and what it can be used for, and how it can be easily done?

It is now possible for anyone to do it for a relatively small sum of money (0.1BTC, around $23 at current rates.) In return, a message not to exceed 60 letters or 20 characters in some languages will live on forever in the block chain. This makes use of the coinbase feature of blocks that are published, with Satoshi’s original coinbase containing an excerpt from the Financial Times.

BTCChina has done this to celebrate their fourth anniversary in business, and, according to them, they’re aware that the service they have dubbed “Forever” is “not a revolutionary idea.” CEO Bobby Lee said:

We wanted to introduce this novel aspect of the bitcoin blockchain in a fun and non-technical way, so that everyone

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