BTCGreece Founder: Bitcoin Demand Has Risen by 400%

CoinTelegraph spoke with Thanos Marinos, the founder of Greece’s only Bitcoin exchange, about the current debt crisis and Bitcoin’s surge in popularity in Greece and across the EU.

Thanos Marinos is the founder of BTCGreece, the country’s only Bitcoin exchange dedicated to Greek clients. Due to the current capital controls imposed in the country, BTCGreece is the only place, besides the single Bitcoin ATM in Athens, where Greeks can buy bitcoins at the moment.

“The demand [for Bitcoin] in the last 4 weeks has risen by 400%.”

– Thanos Marinos, BTCGreece Founder

Thanos Marinos, the founder of Greeces only Bitcoin exchange

CoinTelegraph: Can you tell me about BTCGreece?

Thanos Marinos: We are the only exchange operating in Greece at the moment as the Greek banks are under capital controls. They cannot send money outside Greece and we hold a Greek bank account.

CT: Have you seen a huge spike in interest towards Bitcoin in the last few weeks?

TM: Yes, the demand in the last 4 weeks has risen by 400% and the number of newly registered customers by 600%.

CT: Can you describe what the situation is like on

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