Bubbles Don’t Correct, They BURST!

I’m practically drowning in interviews. I had half a dozen yesterday and even more today. But it’s time to put the word out that the second greatest bull march in history is finally coming to an end. It’s done.

Wall Street thinks this is a correction – a 10% drop, maybe 20% at worst, followed by more gains. They think we’re just six years into a 10 if not 20 year bull market. This is just a healthy breather.

Of course they think that! It’s the same “bubble-head” logic you find at the top of any extreme market in history!

Every single time – without exception – we delude ourselves into believing there is no bubble. We think: “Life’s good, why should we argue with it?”

And every time, we’re shocked when it’s over. Only in retrospect do we realize, yes, that was clearly a bubble, and oh, how stupid we were for not seeing it.

Bubbles don’t correct. They burst. They always do. And if anyone is still doubting whether this is a bubble, they need to get with the program – now!

Like I said on Fox yesterday, I wasn’t always a bear. I was one of the most bullish forecasters since the late ‘80s because I discovered how you can predict the spending of consumers through demographics.

With one simple indicator I predicted the Japan crash in the ‘90s when everyone was saying they’d overcome the U.S.

I predicted the greatest boom in U.S. history thanks to the spending of the Baby Boomer generation. All from demographic research, driven by my top cycle, the Spending Wave.

And from that, we knew the Boomers would peak in 2007 followed by a slowing economy.

So after the U.S. and global stock markets finally burst in 2008, central banks stepped in and began an unprecedented and globally orchestrated effort

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