Budapest Taxi Starts Accepting Bitcoin Through CoinPay

As more and more people start to see the value of Bitcoin as a financial tool, adoption of the digital currency will thrive all over the world. Paying for everyday goods and services with Bitcoin has been a big struggle so far, but things are changing step by step. In Budapest, for example, you can soon use Bitcoin to pay for Budapest Taxi rides, thanks to a partnership with CoinPay.

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Budapest Taxi and CoinPay Team Up

Bitcoin is all about decentralization and putting the end user in full control of their money at any given time. However, there is no real need for alternative financial solutions such as Bitcoin until people can spend the digital currency on the things they need. In Hungary, that dream is slowly becoming a reality for Bitcoin enthusiasts.

CoinPay is one of the leading Bitcoin payment processors in Hungary, and they are focusing most of their attention on bringing the digital currency ecosystem to local businesses. All of their hard work is starting to pay off, as they have partnered with Budapest Taxi to create a new Bitcoin use case a lot of

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