Build a Cheap Linux Server Part II

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Build a Cheap Linux Server Part II – Link to part 1

Configuring TCP/IP Settings

At the end of the last article we left off with standing up your server on the internet using Dynamic DNS. The next major item to address would be “port forwarding” or NAT (Network Address Translation); however if occurred to me that I can’t make any assumptions. If you’re a Linux or Server wiz and have done all this before, then you’ve likely stopped reading and know ways to do things better than this. So it’s realistic to assume that my audience might be folks who are actually trying to learn this for the first time. Port-forwarding/NAT is the final step that allows that communication from external public IP (dictated using your Dynamic DNS) and forwards the traffic to your internal server on a private IP. Unless you’ve got an extra $100+ to spend on your internet bill each month you’re likely stuck with a dynamic public IP like many of us. As you’ll remember we tackled Dynamic DNS in PART I.

You may not have the cash to maintain a static public IP, but you do have the power to control your private IP.

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