Building a Bitcoin Ecosystem: Privacy Edition

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Many in a Bitcoin village find increasing financial privacy. As we wrote in a 2014 investigate of a Bitcoin ecosystem, “Bitcoin can promote some-more private transactions, which, when authorised in a jurisdictions where they occur, are a business of nobody though a parties to them.” That investigate identified “algorithmic monitoring of Bitcoin transactions” as a rather expected and rather material hazard to a idea of financial remoteness (pg. 18). It was partial of a cluster of identical threats.

Good news: The Bitcoin village is doing something about it.

The Open Bitcoin Privacy Project recently released a second book of a Bitcoin Wallet Privacy Rating Report. It’s a systematic, analogous investigate of a remoteness qualities of Bitcoin wallets. The news is formed on a minute threat model and published criteria for measuring a “privacy strength” of wallets. (I’ve not complicated possibly in detail, though a demeanour of them is well-thought-out.)

Reports like this are an essential, ecosystem-building marketplace function. The OBPP is during once informing Bitcoin users about a peculiarity of several wallets out there, and during a same time severe wallet providers to adult their remoteness game. It’s important that a wallet with a top series of

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