Bust Nigerian Ponzi Scheme is Coming Back with Bitcoin

MMM Nigeria has announced that it will introduce bitcoin as a form of payment when it reopens customers’ accounts on January 14.

In December, participants in the MMM Ponzi scheme were informed that all confirmed subscriber accounts would be frozen for a month. It was reported that this was to help prevent any problems over the festive period.

Earlier last year, MMM Global announced that it was closing its Republic of Bitcoin, a website that had promised up to 100 percent returns on donations; however, in a blog it stated that the Republic of Bitcoin was an experiment that had failed.

In a report from The Sun, a Nigeria-based news website, promoters of MMM Nigeria have issued instructions to participants’ accounts that have been frozen.

In a bid to drive traffic and participation, a message to subscribers asks them to perform tasks, both online and offline, to endorse the scheme.

The message states:

Being an MMM member implies not only opportunities, but also a responsibility for the state and development of the MMM Community.

Since the

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